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Pinterest vs Instagram For Marketing And Business

Pinterest vs Instagram For Marketing And Business

Pinterest vs Instagram For Marketing And Business

Pinterest vs Instagram Knowing me asa Pinterest marketing expert you probably might expect that Pinterest isgoing to win this comparison game but the truth is that there can be no winnerbecause everything will depend on your type of business and your goals on theplatform. 

Hi! I'm Anastasia of I'm a Pinterest marketingexpert and I publish new Pinterest tips on this channel every Thursday. If youwant to get more content like this video from me hit the subscribe and don'tforget the Bell button to get notifications when my new videos go live.Let's first look at Pinterest and Instagram from the bird eye view. 

So whatare regular users, not marketers, what are regular users doing on Pinterest? So onPinterest, a user's intent is primarily focused on the discovery and on curationof other users content, it's similar to a search engine. Users can use Pinterest tosearch for specific content, products, they can create visually appealingboards by pinning and grouping the content they discovered. And what areregular users looking for on Instagram? they're looking for a much more personalexperience with the brands and with the people they follow on Instagram thecontent which you share on this platform should give you your audience anauthentic view into your business or your personal brand. On Instagramfollowers expect to see visual content about you: your events, your personalityas business and your human side. And what is the outcome from your marketingefforts on Pinterest On Pinterest, every pin is a link to the source of thatimage. Usually it's an external website that's why one of the common goals forbusinesses on Pinterest is generating website traffic and using Pinterest as asearch engine. 

Pinterest vs Instagram Marketing-

What should marketers be expecting to get from Instagram on theother hand? Instagram works best for building a deeper connection with youraudience and for growing a tribe of real fans on Instagram you should be preparedas a business to communicate with your audience even via directmessages. This doesn't happen on Pinterest: people rarely even leavecomments on pins. And sending a private message on Pinterest isextremely rare. Another factor you should consider when you're comparingthese two platforms is the type of audience you're getting. So, Instagram hasmore than 1 billion monthly active users across the globe.Pinterest audience is currently at over 300 million monthly active users but themajority of this audience is in the United States and unlike Instagram themajority of Pinterest users is about 80 percent of users happen to be women. 

So,Pinterest has the biggest gender difference in comparison to every othersocial network out there and you have to keep that in mindbecause not all the products or niches will work equally well for femaleaudience. So depending on your goals with your platform you can see which one ofthem works the best for you. On Pinterest as I mentioned all the pins can belinked to your blog, to your YouTube videos, your landing pages, youre-commerce site etc. Basically Pinterest is a traffic generatingmachine people find you on Pinterest but they don't engage with you much on theplatform itself.

 They will click through to your external source and then you canconvert as visitors on your side. On Instagram, on the other hand, it's veryhard to get users off the platform Instagram doesn't give you many optionsto add your links it's basically just the link in the profile bio and alsolinks from stories but keep in mind that stories are only available for accountswith over 10,000 followers and stories alive for only 24 hours so any post orphoto you published can only work for you to drive traffic from Instagram fora maximum of 24 hours and then you have to publish a new story to keep gettingmore clicks or you have to use ads on Instagram on Pinterest you will linkfrom a pin to your website and it can stay on the platform for many years andit will consistently drive you traffic another major difference between theplatforms is that Pinterest works very similarly to Google it's a visual searchengine the main user activity on Pinterest issearching for ideas and content curation meaning that users are saving pins totheir boards based on the similarity of the topic so as a marketer or a businessowner when you're trying to grow on Pinterest you have to learn SEO searchengine optimization basics and I have a cool Pinterest SEO checklist to help youget started with it I will give you a link to this checklist in the top rightcorner of the screen and in the description below this video you candownload it and use it on your computer or you can even print it out. And eventhough Pinterest has certain features of a social media platform overall it'svery different from Instagram. The fundamental difference for me is howthese platforms are treating the following numbers. Tt's really not soimportant on Pinterest to actively work on growing your following numbers itdoesn't matter that much if you have 10,000 followers or 50,000 on Pinterestwhat matters is your traffic volume from this platform and how well keywordedare your pins and your boards and your pin design.

Which is best Pinterest vs Instagram-

You can havesignificantly lower following numbers on Pinterest than your competitors and youwill still get higher reach and more traffic to your website and I madeanother video with more details about followers on Pinterest and why it'simportant to have maybe lower number of followers but very high quality offollowers meaning you need to grow your account only with the followers whogenuinely care about your content and who will engage with your pins. I willgive you a link to that video in the top right corner and also in the descriptionbelow this video and if you know a little bit about Instagram it's veryimportant there to grow your following base and moreover it's also crucial toengage with your followers almost on the one on one level in the comments and inthe direct messages. Now let me try to wrap up all of this information that Igave you in this video if you're trying to reach as many people interested inyour niche your products or services if you are struggling to get moreand visitors to your site then you definitely need to focus on Pinterestand it will help you get targeted traffic and if you are already gettingtraffic from somewhere else if this task is not an issue for yourbusiness and if all you need now is to establish a stronger connection betweenyour brand and your followers your tribe if you're working on building a personalbrand as well then you should focus more on Instagram because this platform willhelp you have a really strong bond with your audience as you probably know bynow I'm an expert in Pinterest marketing .

so if you're trying to get as many eyesas possible on your website or your business I'm the girl I have a freePinterest Masterclass which will show you how you can use Pinterest platformfor drawing your online business and getting more traffic to your website Iwill give you a link to it in the top right corner and in the descriptionbelow this video meanwhile you can check more of my Pinterest tips here and thereand if you found this video useful give me a thumbs up comment below the videoand I'll see you next week.