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Coronavirus COVID 19 Pfizer Vaccine Information In English

Coronavirus COVID 19 Pfizer Vaccine Information In English

Coronavirus COVID 19 Pfizer Vaccine Information In English

We've had lots of requests to do a video on the Pfizer Biontech COVID 19 vaccine these are from   my previous post when i was getting the vaccine and also whilst i've been involved in the covered   vaccine clinics so in this week's video i'm going to give you all the information that you need to   know about the COVID 19 vaccine i'm going to tell you how it works i'm going to tell you who should   get it who shouldn't get it all about the side effects what we know about the covered vaccine in   pregnancy and loads more i will also be releasing a video on the oxford astrazeneca covered 19   vaccine next week at my usual time monday 4pm gmt so if you're interested please stay tuned for that   i will leave a link to it in the description below and up here whenever it goes live also if you do   want a video on the moderna covered 19 vaccine please leave a comment below too and i'll look   into doing that as well if we get enough comments now before we begin i just want to make you all   aware that this video was filmed on the 23rd of january 2021 therefore all the information.

i give   you is up today on this day but most likely in the future this information will update and the   best way for you to remain up to date is to one speak to your healthcare professional and two   visit the website such as the nhs the who website often to stay up to date with that information and   i will leave links to them in the description below okay so let's begin with the fun stuff   first of all how does the pfizer biontech COVID 19 vaccine work well for you to understand that   we first need to understand how the actual curving 19 virus works and then we'll be   able to understand how the actual vaccine works so i'm going to try and simplify it and make it   really easy to understand so first of all we have the kerbin 19 virus it has these proteins on the   outside which we call spike proteins the spike proteins help the virus stick to your healthy   cells so once the spike proteins have stuck onto those healthy cells the covid19 virus is able to   pull itself into those healthy cells and take over this is otherwise known as an infection   now the problem is the kova 19 virus is really good at hiding so it's difficult for your body   to detect it kill it and get rid of it so then the virus is able to use the tools within your healthy   cells to continuously replicate and multiply and then infect more cells in fact more healthy cells   now .

the problem is it takes a bit of time for your immune system to realize what's happening and to   notice this virus once it does know it's the virus it's then able to build defense proteins which.

Vaccine Information In English-

we   call antibodies these antibodies are then able to stop those spike proteins that we just spoke to   from sticking to more healthy cells and infecting more healthy cells now on top of that the   antibodies can also act as a signal to your immune cells which we call t cells now these t cells are   super strong and they can come and gobble up the virus entirely and stop it from working   

and attacking your healthy cells the t cells can also send signals to your other immune cells to   come over and help us get rid of this virus okay so we're now starting to get somewhere because you   now have a brief understanding of how the COVID 19 virus works so it's going to be really easy for   you to understand how the pfizer biontec covered 19 vaccine actually works so this vaccine has   something that we call messenger ribonucleic acid in it we call that mrna for sure now this mrna the   section of mrna is put within a fat bubble this fat bubble is protecting it and it helps it get   into your healthy cells once it gets into your healthy cells this mrna is like an instruction.

 it's like a recipe almost for your healthy cells on how to create that spike protein that we just   spoke about now please remember that there are no preservatives or animal products within this   vaccine now moving back on to how it works this mrna that we just spoke about it's showing your   body how to make these spike proteins so your body your cells are going to make those spike proteins   that we just spoke about earlier however what we're doing here is we're giving your body the   chance to make those antibodies to make those t cells to make these immune cells ready to fight   the COVID 19 virus if you do get infected later on so remember that lifetime that we spoke about   earlier there's none of that because it's giving your body time to generate those antibodies and   t cells which will be floating around within your bloodstream so if you do get infected with covid19   your body's going to be ready it's going to be prepared to fight and hopefully it's going to   mean that you're going to be a lot less ill from covered 19. 

okay so i hope that made sense but   i know what you're thinking you're probably now thinking well what happened to that mrna   well after a couple of days that mrna is broken down and your body excretes it out of your system   entirely so you don't need to worry about that also the mrna which they use for the covin-19   vaccine is a small section from the actual kerbin 19 virus and that section like i said earlier is   the section which is the instructions on how to create the spike proteins this means that you are   unable to get covered 19 as a virus as a symptom you're unable to get infected with COVID 19   from the pfizer biontech kermit 19 vaccine i hope that made sense okay so in the next part of   this video i want to now talk about the clinical trials and the research involved with the pfizer   by onset COVID 19 vaccine i will try and keep it brief but please remember this is real science   and actions it's going to be some great stuff for some great information i'm going to give you also   if you want some specific information that you're looking for because this is quite a long video i   know it's going to be a long video i am going to chapter it and time stamp it in the description   below so feel free to click on it and click on any section which you are interested in now   let's begin so phase one of the clinical trials involved 44 000 different people of different age   race ethnicity and gender and this is really good to see because it gives us a really diverse broad   population to work with and you really want to see this in clinical trials when you want to   bring.

in a new medicine now these tests were done in the usa germany brazil argentina south africa   and turkey so as you can see it was a real global effort so of these people 22 000 of them got the   pfizer biontek covered 19 vaccine and the other 22 000 got a placebo this is because you're then   able to compare whether those who got the vaccine were protected against COVID 19 compared to those   who got nothing now to measure the effectiveness of the pfizer biontech COVID 19 vaccine scientists   measured the amount of antibodies produced against the spike proteins that we spoke about   earlier now.

Coronavirus COVID 19 Pfizer Vaccine-

the scientists found that after the first dose there was a large amount of antibodies   produced and even better yet after the second dose there was an even higher amount of antibodies   produced and quite interestingly it was actually found that you produced more antibodies from   the vaccine than someone who caught COVID 19 okay which is exactly what you want from a vaccine that   is exactly what you want from the vaccine for it to work and in theory a high amount of antibodies   should mean longer protection against COVID 19. 

this is again in theory it hasn't been proven   and more research is needed to find out and prove this and finally the phase three clinical trials   of the pfizer biontech covid19 vaccine showed that this vaccine has 94 efficiency in those who   are aged over 65 and 95 percent in those different ages race gender and ethnic backgrounds and quite   promisingly the fires of ion tech COVID 19 vaccine maintained its 95 efficiency in patients with   long-term health conditions for example those are asthmatic those are chronic lung disease diabetics   people with high blood pressure and those of a bmi of over 30. so next up is how do you   get the pfizer biontec covid19 vaccine how is it administered well it's an intramuscular injection   which means the injection goes into your muscle it's done in the deltoid muscle right over here   the first dose is given and then the second dose is given after 21 days now when you've had your   dose of the pfizer bionic COVID 19 vaccine you need to sit down and wait for 15 minutes.

 afterwards this is just to ensure that you're having no allergic reactions to it now it's also   really important that you're aware that you do not get any other vaccinations either on the same day   or within seven days of your pfizer biontech covid19 vaccine the reason for this is it's a   real medicine we're still learning about it and we want to give it the best chance to work to   its best ability because we don't know if there's going to be any interactions so please do not have   it on the same day and if you're going to have another vaccine leave at least seven days between   the two okay so now let's talk about who can get the COVID 19 vaccine if you're based in the uk   the COVID 19 vaccine is free for anyone on the nhs please do remember that now the the rollout of the   vaccine is obviously going to be structured so there's going to be a priority base that   we're going first followed by other people now this list will be changing and it'll be updated   very very often so the best thing to do for this bit is i'm going to link it in the description   below on the nhs website which shows you the order of people who will be getting it so feel free to   click on it for more information so the nhs is currently offering the pfizer biontech COVID   19 vaccine to those who are most risk of COVID 19 i'm going to leave a box somewhere here with that   list of people who are the first ones who will be getting vaccinated but please remember this list   will be changing it's going to get wider and wider so more people will be in the list for vaccination.

this list is changed by the joint committee of vaccination immunization these guys are super   smart we call them the jvci for sure they're the ones who make the list and that will be updated   with time please also remember that the nhs will be in touch with you when it's your turn for your   COVID 19 vaccine please don't bother ringing your surgery and asking about the kobit 19 vaccine   they're already busy as it is reception is super busy as is and they can't do anything different   to make you have it sooner the jvci determined the list and your surgery that will be in touch when it is your time they have not forgotten about you please do not worry they will be in touch and on   an even more serious note there have been quite a few scams happening recently with regards to.

COVID 19 vaccine people are getting calls out of the blue people pretending to be the nhs asking   for money for the covet 19 vaccine please remember the nhs will never charge you for the coven 19   vaccine it is 100 free nobody will call you asking for money if anyone does please hang up the phone   and do not fall for this scam so next up we have who cannot get the pfizer biontic COVID 19 vaccine   if you have a severe allergic reaction or an anaphylactic reaction to any of the ingredients   within the vaccine you should not be getting this vaccine now those ingredients i'm going   to leave them all in the description below please also remember that if you've had an anaphylactic   reaction or a serious allergic reaction to your first dose of the pfizer violence at COVID 19   vaccine then your second dose should not be the same vaccine and you will have to discuss this   with your healthcare professional now speaking of anaphylaxis this was a big topic with the pfizer   biontech COVID 19 vaccine the mhra have stated recently that if any patient who has had an   anaphylactic reaction to a certain food a medicine a vaccine or an intestine or anything like that   they can still have the pfizer biontec COVID 19 vaccine providing they know that they are   not allergic to any of the ingredients in there however it is important to note that the british   society of allergy and clinical immunology have stated that if any patient has had a history of anaphylaxis to a medicine or a vaccine or any unexplained anaphylaxis they should avoid   the pfizer by onset COVID 19 vaccine and instead they should get the oxford astrazeneca covered by  19 vaccine instead i'm going to talk about this vaccine in next week's video in more detail so . 

if you're interested in finding out more about it like i said at the start link up here and in the   description below and another group of people who should not have the vaccine currently are pregnant   women and people under the age of 16. currently these people should avoid the vaccine however   this can change over time i am going to talk about this in more detail after the next point   and please do remember that if you currently have COVID 19 or you're still recovering from COVID 19   please do not get the vaccine please wait until you are fully recovered before you get   the covered 19 vaccine we don't want you to go to these vaccination hubs and centers with COVID 19   and spread it that is the last thing that we want it just works against everything that we're doing   so if you're unsure at all please contact your healthcare professional and check with them okay   so now let's move on to pregnancy and let's talk some science you're probably aware from previous   vaccines that a lot of them are safe in pregnancy so the question is why are you being advised   against the covid19 vaccine right now in pregnancy well to be honest with you it's quite simple the   vaccine has not yet been tested in pregnancy this means that until we have more information and more research on this those who are pregnant should not routinely be given the COVID 19 vaccine now please   do remember though the evidence from non-clinical studies on the fires of biontech covid19 vaccine have been received and reviewed by the mhra by the who by the health authorities in the usa in canada and in europe and they have raised no concerns about its safety within pregnancy so what this   means is that non-clinical evidence is required before a clinical study can be conducted on.

the safety of the vaccine within pregnancy so this is usual protocol not to recommend the cover   19 vaccine or any vaccine during pregnancy until a full clinical study has been done and we have more   information on it so please do remember these facts and remember this is usual protocol it's   nothing different to what we usually do there's no evidence that suggests that the 19 vaccine is   unsafe during pregnancy but we basically just need more information and more research on it before it can be recommended for routine vaccination during pregnancy unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation on this topic right now so i really hope this information helps you now in the uk the   jvci recommend two situations where you may be able to get the kovid19 vaccine during pregnancy   the first one is your occupation if it puts you at a higher risk of getting covered.

the second one is if you have any underlying health conditions that could put you at higher risk of   complications if you've got COVID 19. now in terms of breastfeeding there's currently no data on the   safety of the covid19 vaccine for breastfeeding or breastfed infants now despite this the curving 19 vaccine is not thought to be a risk to breastfed infants and the benefits of breastfeeding is very   well known now as a result of this the jvci has recommended that the vaccine can be given   to those who are breastfeeding and this is in line with the information given in the usa .

and by the who now please do remember that this video was filmed on the 23rd of january 2021.   all the information i've given in this video is up to date on this day only and this information can   change with time so the best advice i can give you is always speak to your health care professional   and always visit the nhs and who website to stay up to date with COVID 19 the vat scene and the   informational pregnancy as well i will leave links to more in the description below okay so how we're   doing so far i hope you're still with me if you're still with me make sure to click that like button   to show that you're enjoying the video and you're finding this information helpful now   let's move on to the side effects of the fires of ion tech COVID 19 vaccine so the main side effects   are very similar to other vaccines the main one is obviously going to be a pain in your arm where   you've been jabbed where the injection is being done mine probably lasted for about three to four days same with my colleagues and friends who have had it as well this is the main side effect   the other side effects include a bit of a fever you might have that 48 hours you can also have a bit of a headache you can feel a bit tired you might feel a bit nauseous you can also feel a bit   achy in your joints and muscles but these are all normal side effects that you can get with it and they will go now please remember that when you get your first dose of the pfizer biontech.

COVID 19   vaccine you may experience redness and some swelling at the injection site and this can last   up to seven days it's also useful to know they'll be really helpful for your healthcare professional   do you let them know how you go on you let them know about the side effects that you experience   when you go in for your second dose now of any of these minor side effects that we've spoke about   if you are struggling with them at all if you're struggling with a temperature if you're struggling   with any of the aches and the pains you can take over the counter analgesia such as paracetamol   or ibuprofen for them this is completely fine but please do speak to your healthcare professional   first so they can make sure that you're safe and suitable to take any medication and as i always   say always read the information leaflet that comes with any medication that's the most important   thing because your safety is the most important thing now another thing that i'd like to discuss   is something called the yellow card reporting scheme this is something that we do in the uk   we do it for all medication and it helps us gather more information about medicines   and their side effects and any problems people have been having so the same applies for the COVID   19 vaccine because it's a new vaccine we're doing the yellow card reporting scheme so i'm going to   leave a link to it in the description below you can fill it out online.

you can do it yourself it   doesn't have to be a healthcare professional that does it if you have any kind of side effects feel   free to go on that website fill out the report it's going to be really useful for healthcare   professionals and scientists just to help them collate that information and gather more   data on the vaccine another important point i'd like to discuss is please remember   that if you do develop a continuous cough if you have any loss of smell or taste or if you get a   temperature which is constantly over 37.8 degrees celsius or 100.4 degrees fahrenheit then please   self-isolate because this could be COVID 19 you may have got it before the vaccine you may have  got it after the vaccine this is a possibility as well so please remember that if you get any of   these sort of covet 19 symptoms that we all know very well now you need to self-isolate and follow  your government guidelines here in the uk please visit the nhs website arrange your COVID 19 test i will leave more information about this in the description below and now on to the   final burning question how long will this vaccine be effective for now unfortunately   we don't have a crystal ball that i can see into the future for this is still something that we're  researching into scientists to research into and working really hard to find out we don't know yet   what's going to happen how effective it will be it might be a case that we might need a booster every   six months or every year so after your second dose you get another booster to keep those antibodies   high which we spoke about earlier similar to how we do the flu vaccine for example.

Does its really work-

how it's every   year but this still has to be proven there's still a lot of research that needs to be done   another thing to mention as well as we don't know if it's going to stop the transmission   of the virus this still hasn't been proven yet to see how effective it is so the best advice   i can give you is just stay up to date with the information provided by the who the nhs   or your own government whatever organization they have stay up to date with them because the   information i'm giving you today is relevant up to date for today and these things will change so for   my final thoughts i think that the pfizer biontech COVID 19 vaccine has proven to be safe so far the   clinical trials that we spoke about earlier showed no major safety concerns or no safety concerns for   us to be worried about and the clinical trials were done on a large number of people and a very   diverse number of people which is everything that you want to see in a clinical trial but despite.

all of this please do remember that if you do get the COVID 19 vaccine you still need to maintain   social distance you need to maintain wearing a face mask as much as you can whenever you go   out and you're mixing with people you need to wash your hands as often as you can you need to do all   the things that we used to do because the vaccine still hasn't been proven to stop transmission   this hasn't been proven and also there still is a chance that you can catch COVID 19. so these   social distancing things that we spoke about still need to be maintained so please do remember as i   mentioned earlier if you get any of the signs and symptoms of covid19 the constant cough   the high temperature loss of sense of taste or smell any of these sort of symptoms you need to do   what we've been doing this whole time you need to self-isolate follow your government guidelines if   you're in the uk you need to sell iceland and get your COVID 19 test go online on the nhs website   which i will leave the links to in the description below and just to remind you one last time   this video was filmed on the 23rd of january 2021 all of the information i give is up to date today   but that can change your time so please do stay up to date with the latest information by the who   website the nhs website or your local government websites that you know and trust i will leave   links to them in the description below thank you for watching if you've made it this far i want to   thank you again for watching and also if you would like a video on the modern a covet 19 vaccine   please do let me know leave a comment below if we get enough comments i will do it please   remember as well next week monday 4 p.m gmt will be the next video all about the oxford astrozenica   covered 19 vaccine i hope you find that helpful too thank you for watching always remember that   you're awesome and i will see you next week hey guys thanks for watching this week's video   make sure to click that like follow or subscribe button now to stay up to date with new weekly videos you...